Monday, February 27, 2006

Seeking Friday- March 03 at St. Mark’s.

As the Emergent West Michigan cohort
continues to grow together, we are wanting to create more ways to connect missionally. We believe one essential expression is through prayer together. As a result, we’ll be attempting to meet the first Friday of every month for “seeking-Friday” to gathering at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for morning prayers at 9:00AM. This Friday will be our first seeking-friday.

Father Mick at St. Mark’s has turned in to a gracious friend over the past few months and I am very glad that we can join his faithful, prayer ministry. We all have much to learn and much to share.

I, regretfully, will be out of town this Friday, but others are planning to be there. You can park in the church lot. Just drive up to the gate and honk. Mary will let you in.

During this first week of Lent, I’m reminded that we can seek God, because God is the true seeker extending through Jesus and the Spirit... toward you, me, and our world.

We seek. We find. Because God seeks.



At Thu Oct 19, 09:37:00 AM GMT-5, Anonymous AW said...

It's sad to see so many sincere Christians being led into deception by yet another in a long line of counterfeit movements like the emergent church. This travelling circus with ringmaster Guru Brian McLaren at the helm displays a low regard for the Word of God. His reluctance to take a stand on doctrinal truth is indicative of a terminal cancer that will ultimately render this silly movement irrelevant. Spiritualizing into biblical text what we “feel” it’s saying, and combining it with an experience-oriented mysticism creates only the perfect recipe for spiritual disaster. The spirits have been tested according to 1 John and this movement has been exposed for what is truly is: Yet another false spirit with false prophets leading many astray.

At Thu Oct 19, 01:39:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger steve said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure why you would put it here. Seems random to me.

If, somehow, my friends and I going down the road of heresy because we're praying together, attempting to seek Jesus and to understand each other, then I guess you and I have a different view of heresy.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you sharing your concerns. I receive it assuming the best of intentions.


At Thu Oct 19, 02:43:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous AW said...

Sorry about that. I couldn't find the right spot to leave my comments. It grieves my spirit that many individuals, churches, and religious organizations have incorporated emergent church philosophy into their faith at the expense of diluting the biblical truth upon which christian orthodoxy stands.

The ecclesiastical disease of ecumenism, now conveniently repackaged as emergent thinking, arguably "feels" good, but ultimately dullifies and deadens the true Church and true believers whereever it is allowed to flourish.

Sadly, much like the various denominations and trends in the history of the church that have veered from biblical truth, this too will surely one day become apostate. And then predictably a faithful minority will arise from the ashes to reaffirm their faithfulness to God and His Word.

At Thu Oct 19, 03:14:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger steve said...

a.w., no problem.

I think, in any church tradition, we can find excesses but I also don't want to generalize my critique of other denominations or movements. I guess, if we try hard enough, we can characterize anyone.

"Emergent" is a broad word and I think you'd find a range perspectives... like you would with many traditions.

The flip side of "disease of ecumenism" is the gangrene of isolationism. I hope none of us proclaim we have the corner on the market for understanding the infinate attributes of the Trinity, God's purposes, or our calling as God's people.

As for this Episcopal church, the rector there has lead me through the discipline of prayer in a way that I have seen lacking in my own church tradition.

Maybe it's not all as bad as you make it out to be.

I hope I am one of the faithful, but I hope I am not in the minority. I want all to experience the love and grace of God. This is not a "feel good" statement either... I think this is the very essence of God's redemptive work throughout history and this is affirming of the very faithfulness of God as proclaimed through God's word.

peace to you...

At Tue Oct 24, 11:30:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Selah said...

Is your friend in the episcopal church born again? Would be a real shame if you were seeking a deeper prayer life from an unregenerated individual. If he isn't, sure hope you are sharing the Gospel with him so that he will be saved.


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